Katie Daines

Graduating in 2005 with a Degree in Digital and Lens Media from University of Hertfordshire, I have continued with my photography work trying to find new and exciting ways to create beautiful imagery.

Focusing on my love for cars I have created a series of images taken in a Scrap Yard. The images show the life and beauty still within these forgotten oldies.

I love the way nothing stays the same and no matter how many times you visit there is always something new to photograph. Every car has a story to tell, if they could speak I wonder what they would say.

These images invite you into a world of imagination.

I have continued to develop new skills since leaving University and I have completed a series of Adobe Photshop and Illustrator tutorials and short courses including a BIPP course in

Commercial Photography - Advertising, Automotive & Travel with Martyn Goddard
This course covered the following
Tracking & Panning shots
Drive through action
The driver at speed
Rig action photography
Vehicles in the environment
It has given me the knowledge to photograph moving vehicles as well as creating the illusion of speed using a rig on the exterior of the vehicle. I can also use this knowledge to improve my sports photography.

Since 2007 I have worked along side Richard Unger as an assistant photographer at Polo matches and dog shows. I was responsible for setting up lighting and computer equipment, processing, printing and generating sales. I also used this opportunity to gain experience taking action shots.

As my Photoshop knowledge has developed I have started to create photo manipulations and Fantasy images using my own photo's as well as stock images.
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